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ReInvent With Intent! Video Series (DISCOUNTED Starter Package)

ReInvent With Intent! Video Series (DISCOUNTED Starter Package)

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Damian has packaged his 10 REINVENT WITH INTENT chapter videos into a comprehensive video series with supporting materials to help you transform yourself, your brand, and your business.  

ReInvention is necessary to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.  How are you preparing for a world that will be vastly different tomorrow than it is today?
In this video series, Damian Mason shares knowledge gained from his own ReInvention of self and business.  He also uses real - world illustrations you can learn from to navigate your transformation.  You’ll gain usable practices to positively change your personal and professional life.   

If you need a dose of motivation to create the new you, this is it.  If you want a life and business of your choosing, this program is for you.  If you want to learn in 5 hours what it would take years to master by trial-and-error, this course is for you.
  • 3 Methods of ReInvention
  • What You Need and What You Don't
  • Goals & Goal Setting
  • Getting Past What's Holding You Back
  • Money
  • Be Careful Who You Listen To
  • Salesmanship
  • Constant Creativity
  • Your Common Thread
  • Acceptance, Age, Fear & Fulfillment

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